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Disassembling the drinking lid

➊ Unlock the safety lock and slide the slider tab outward toward the rim.
➋ Press down the safety lock to lock in position. With some force applied to the safety lock, pull up one side of the slider base.
➌ Lift the whole slider tab with the base along the track.

❹ On the back of the safety lock, push the lock outward from the raised part.

❺ It is disassembled when the “click” sound is heard, and then clean the slider base.

Assembling the drinking lid

➊ Have the raised part on the back of the safety lock facing toward the silicone position of the slider tab, push the safety lock through the hole of the slider tab, and align with the raised point. It is locked in once a "click" sound is heard.
➋ With the slider base pointing up (short side of the slider base facing down) and the concave surface facing the cup mouth, slide in and snap the base into the drinking lid.
➌ With the slider base tilting up, place the silicone side of the slider tab facing down, align with the track and push it into the slider base.

❹ Once it has slid in, press down the tilted slider tab until a “click” sound to complete the assembly.

Assembling the silicone O-ring of drinkinglid

Assembling the silicone O-ring of lid base

Cleaning and Care

.Wash the product thoroughly before first use.

.Do not wash it in the dishwasher, do not use steam/ ultraviolet sterilizer, high temperature sterilization, and active dryer to avoid damage to the surface coating.

.For daily cleaning, use a soft sponge with neutral detergent, and let it dry naturally.

Safety Precautions

.Do not allow children to use the product without adult supervision.

.Do not use dry ice or carbonated drinks when the mug is sealed to avoid injury caused by mug components and drink explosion resulting from high internal pressure.

.It is recommended to fill less than 80% of the mug volume, as excess may cause leakage and overflow.

.Do not place the product near or in heat sources such as microwave and oven.

.Do not place the product in the freezer to avoid product damage..It is recommended to finish the drink as soon as possible if packed with dairy products to minimize bacterial growth.

.Do not place the mug body into boiling water to avoid product damage..Do not shake the mug vigorously when filled with hot water to avoid scalding caused by hot water splashing.

.It is recommended to stop using the product if the body is damaged from a drop or overturn and suffering a severe impact.